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Keeping Mozart in Mind, 2nd Edition

Keeping Mozart in Mind, 2nd Edition
By Gordon L. Shaw
2003 | 411 Pages | ISBN: 0126390614 | PDF | 5 MB

The demand for math and science skills in our technology-driven world is at a premium, and yet U.S. students continue to lag behind many other industrialized countries in these areas. This book, based on studies conducted on 8000 elementary school-aged children, proposes that not only is there a relationship between music and math comprehension, but that music can be utilized to heighten higher brain function and improve math skills. While this book's discussion of the breakthroughs in understanding of spatial-temporal reasoning abilities will be of particular interest to neuroscientists and cognitive researchers, the book is also accessible to parents and educators.
Presents the theory that music exercises higher brain function and can enhance math comprehension
Details how music training coupled with special-temporal reasoning (thinking in pictures) can dramatically impact a child's ability to understand and master math

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