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Scott Bolan - Mental Warfare Secrets 2.0

Scott Bolan - Mental Warfare Secrets 2.0

Scott Bolan - Mental Warfare Secrets 2.0
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It’s the #1 Worldwide Bestselling Mental Warfare Course! It REVOLUTIONIZED Personal Power, Persuasion, Warrior Mind Training and How YOU Can DOMINATE The Situation and Make Life Your Personal Playground…

Dear Friend,
This may have YOU jumping for joy, walking through walls, and kicking ass and taking names!
After keeping it under lock-and-key for nearly a decade, Scott Bolan has just announced the release of “Mental Warfare Secrets 2.0”
The original “Mental Warfare Secrets” was released in 2006 and took the Martial Arts, Self-Improvement, Persuasion, and Mind Training worlds by storm - and soon became the all-time bestselling Mental Warfare course in the world!
Scott became the “go-to guy” for Elite Martial Arts, Mind Power Training and Peak Performance Coaching, and he continued to develop killer “how-to” tactics (including MIND FORTRESS Internal Power Techniques!), laser-sharp strategies, and what could only be described as Jedi Mind Tricks and Mental MMA Life Hacks!
He combined the original material with all of the new developments and discoveries in “Mental Warfare 2.0″ - Essentially, it adds Rocket-Fuel to what was already the VERY Best Mental Warfare Secrets you can find anywhere!
Scott has decided to kick the door open on this new set for 30 days only (until August 31). After that, the price goes up 200 bucks.
So listen up, because Right Now is your chance to get the all-new Mental Warfare Secrets!
And I don’t care what you THINK you know about Tactical Skills, Martial Arts, Mental Warfare, Psych-Ops, Mind Control, Persuasion, Influence and Energetic Power -
Quick Kill Methods for Getting What You Wantin ALL SITUATIONS!
You’ve probably heard of Scott Bolan, the founder of Complete Combat and creator and author of Martial Mastery and Warrior Meditation, to name just a few. You may have read about him in the magazines, or maybe you’ve heard his interviews in the media.
He’s in big demand, and rightfully so. You see, Scott has pretty much done it all in the field of Martial Arts and Combatives - CQC, Ju Jitsu & Jeet Kune Do Instructor, multiple Black Belts and Certified Law Enforcement Trainer. He’s had unparalleled success.
But more importantly, Scott Bolan is the only trainer who fully addressed the most important aspect of Martial Arts (- the aspect of MENTAL WARFARE, and how to apply it in your daily life to attain victory.
Sure, some trainers give a kindergarten-level acknowledgement of the having a strong mind and spirit, but none have ever given the actual “why” and “how-to” until Scott Bolan’s Mental Warfare Secrets changed the game!
Thousands of people discovered how to….
Stop Agitators, Gossipers, Mental Attackers and Manipulators COLD!
Get a Raise at Work
Get out of a Traffic Ticket
Live Powerfully, as a Warrior
Make the Right Decisions with the “Tactical Mind”
Sense Danger and Deception in Advance of Attack
Radiate the Confidence that Repels Attackers, Commands Respect, and Magnetically Attracts what you Want!
Update Date: 2018-01-05
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