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Nuance PaperPort Professional v14.1 + SERIAL KEY

Nuance PaperPort Professional v14.1 + SERIAL KEY
Nuance PaperPortProfessional v14.1 + SERIAL KEY | 524 MB

Take officeorganization to new levels of productivity with the worlds No. 1desktop document management software. PaperPort Professional 14 combinesfast, easy scanning with powerful PDF creation for simplifiedmanagement of all your documents.

And now, PaperPort Anywhereuses the cloud to its full potential to deliver files easily andsecurely to users of Windows and Macintosh personal computers, netbooks,tablets, and smart phones. PaperPort Anywhere extends the same conceptto any computing device with a browser, giving you a better way to find,edit, and share files and documents.
PaperPort Anywhere: Accessyour Documents Anytime, Anywhere Using any Device
PaperPortAnywhere, our new service for secure document access, provides thebenefits of your own document website in the cloud, while deliveringfree mobile applications with PaperPortIIAAIAA¤As provencapabilities for desktop document management on the PC.
PaperPortAnywhere connects seamlessly to your PaperPort desktop to deliveranytime-anywhere access to your most important folders, files,documents, and photos via the convenience of popular web browsers for PCand Mac. You can manage your free PaperPort Anywhere accountIIAAIA?A up to 1 GB of storage with more available IIAAIA?Afrom home, on the road, or wherever it is most convenient for you.
WithPaperPort Anywhere, you can search and view documents by thumbnail,snippets, or list; browse PaperPort 14 desktop folders; create andmanage cloud-only folders, upload new files from any computer and muchmore.
PaperPort Anywhere: Intelligent Mobile Applications forUsers on the Go
To support users who are looking to managedocuments using their mobile devices, PaperPort 14 in conjunction withPaperPort Anywhere now provides mobile applications for iPhone, iPad,and Android devices. Using these mobile applications, you can browse byfolder, search by document content or name, view documents, and takepictures and upload documents IIAAIA?A all from the convenience ofa mobile device.
PaperPort Professional 14 Desktop Enhancements
Inaddition, PaperPort 14 also delivers many significant new desktopenhancements, including:
PaperPort Anywhere Sync Connector: Theconnection from the PaperPort desktop to the PaperPort Anywhere serviceis achieved by way of the PaperPort Anywhere Sync Connector. ThisWindows system tray application provides the capability for you tosign-in to the PaperPort Anywhere service from the PaperPort desktop,monitor storage usage, and control which folders you want synchronizedacross the cloud and mobile applications.
The Nuance Cloud Connectorapplication: Now you can gain access to a number of cloud services,including Microsoft Live SkyDrive, Google Docs,, and many more.Plus, files are accessed in the PaperPort folder directory, so you canscan, stack, or unstack PDF files, and create PDF files directly in thecloud.
Evernote IIAAa?ASend ToIIAAa?A¬A Connector:Drag-and-drop files to the Evernote Send To Connector, create a new noteor add the document to an existing note. You can also right click onthe Evernote connector and get files attached to any note so they arecopied to the PaperPort desktop.
Enhanced network folder support:PaperPort 14 now takes advantage of fast, reliable thumbnail viewing ofdocuments stored on shared network folders. Additionally, PaperPort 14locks files in use over the network to prevent problems that may occurwhen more than one person tries to view or modify the same file.
Windowsfile and folder options: In PaperPort 14, the Windows Context menu issupported by right-clicking on any file, so you can access Windows orother software and perform key tasks, including compressing anduncompressing ZIP files.
Scanning improvements: WeIIAAIAA¤Aveenhanced PaperPortIIAAIAA¤As scanning capabilities in PaperPort 14,so scanned color documents using PDF-MRC compression are now 62%smaller. Other time saving highlights include scan and open a documentwith one press of a button, create and save default custom file names,and create PDF/A directly from your scanner.
New workspace optionsfor greater productivity: With PaperPort 14, thereIIAAIAA¤As noneed to remember where you put a recently scanned or opened file. Newbuttons have been added for IIAAa?Arecently scannedIIAAa?A¬Aand IIAAa?Arecently openedIIAAa?A¬A documents, so you canquickly jump back to a folder that contains a recently scanned or openeddocument.
Folder notes improvements: Now you can right click on anyfolder in the folder directory and get an option to add notes directlyto that particular folder. This enhancement is useful for applyinginformation to PDF documents that are common to all files in aparticular file, such as contact information (e.g., name, address,telephone number); project or customer IDs; or numbers, reminders,document descriptions, and more.
Improved desktop thumbnails for PDF:In PaperPort 14 the PDF document thumbnails offer more informationabout PDF documents to save you time and focus on more important tasks. Alarge information icon now appears in the upper left-hand corner of PDFdocument thumbnails, indicating the file contains keywords anddescriptive text. Hover over the icon, and it will display theinformation so you donIIAAIAA¤At have to open the file.
Includes PDF Create IIAAIA?A Advanced PDFCreation & Security
Supports OmniPage Workflows (OmniPagerequired)
Capture Assistant with Scanning Preview
UnlimitedScanning Profiles
Scheduled All-in-One Search Indexing
MFPScanning and Document Routing
Split Desktop and Workspace Bookmarks
MicrosoftSharePoint Connector
Network Scanning, Folder, and File Management
Documentmanagement your way
PaperPort provides a single way to scanpaper, create PDF files, and access, view, edit, and convert your fileson your PC. PaperPort Anywhere, included free, extends this power to anydevice with a browser plus apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices,giving you the ultimate document access solution.
Reduce waste,conserve energy
PaperPort is a green solution. Use it to scan,convert, organize, repurpose, and share PDF documents across theenterprise. End your reliance on printing, faxing, and mailing practicesthat have harmful effects on the environmentIIAAIA?Aand yourbottom line.
Create and combine PDF Files
Use PDF Createto easily turn any application file into 100% industry-standard PDFfiles or merge multiple files and formats into a single PDF file.
View,edit, and share PDFs faster
Includes a powerful PDF Viewer withmore features than the free Adobea?A¬A Readera?A¬A, so you can view,edit, and share PDF documents on your PC like never before.
Protectsensitive documents
Safeguard confidential information andensure compliance with government regulations regarding documentsecurity. PaperPortIIAAIAA¤As advanced PDF security features, likePDF passwords and encryption, let you control who can access specificdocuments and who can make changes.
Fill out forms quickly,neatly
PaperPortIIAAIAA¤As FormTyper feature accurately andautomatically converts scanned paper forms into professional-lookingelectronic forms you can fill out online, save as PDF documents, andsend via email. It automatically recognizes check boxes and lets youcontrol detailed form attributes. And transparent stamps are ideal foradding scanned signatures.
Find information instantly
Nowyou can create searchable PDFs from digital files and scanned paperdocuments. Just enter keywords or phrases into Windowsa?A¬A orGooglea?A¬A Desktop Search and quickly locate a specific file.
Workswith any scanner
Any all-in-one printer, mobile scanner, ordesktop scanner will work faster, easier, and better using PaperPort.
Captureinformation on the go
No scanner nearby No problem. Just take apicture of the document with your digital camera and upload it toPaperPort Anywhere or your favorite cloud service. Plus, you can easilyconvert pictures of documents to usable text.
Easily routedocuments from digital copiers and MFPs
Get the most out of yourinvestment in networked multifunction printers/ copiers. Move mountainsof paper to any desktop PC using PaperPortIIAAIAA¤As advancedDesktopDelivery feature.
Convert paper into text
Turn yourscanned document images into editable text for popular word processingor spreadsheet software with a simple drag-and-drop.
ManageDocuments Across the Network
Send and receive documents to andfrom a shared network folder or Microsoft SharePoint.
SuperiorAccess to PaperPort and Microsoft Windows Features
Performing keyfile and folder tasks is fast and easy in PaperPort. Simply right-clickon any file or folder to get access to features that allow you tocreate, convert, edit, and manage everything on your computer includingadd-ins to Microsoft Windows such as ZIP file compression/decompression.
PutPaperPort Professional 14 to work for your entire organization. Stoplosing papers; get instant access to all types of documents; and create,share, and edit PDF files. Forget wasteful printing, faxing, andmailing. Now you can boost the bottom line at a pricethatIIAAIAA¤As affordable for every desktop.
Plus,PaperPort Anywhere (included free with PaperPort 14) connects seamlesslyto your PaperPort desktop to deliver anytime-anywhere access to yourmost important folders, files, documents, and photos.
Get organizedand find files, documents and photos IIAAIA?A instantly!
Storeand share documents on the network or in the cloud
Anywhere-anytimeaccess to your files using iPhone, iPad, or Android
Fast,professional, and productive scanning made easy from any device
Powerful100% industry-standard PDF creation and editing
Assemble, annotate,and share PDF documents quickly
Create and fill out electronic formsquickly and neatly
System Requirements:
MinimumHardware Requirements
Intel Pentium compatible, or newer CPU
700 MB free hard disk space for application files andinstallation
1024x768 resolution display with 16 bit (High Color) orbetter
Windows compatible pointing device
SupportedOperating Systems
Windows XP 32-bit SP3
Windows Vista 32-bit and64-bit with SP2 or higher
Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit
SupportedWeb Browsers (Favorites and PDF Viewer)
Internet Explorer 7+
Firefox3, 4 and 5.5
Chrome 4, 9 (versioning changed)

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Update Date: 2017-06-16
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